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Shadowscapes Tarot


This Queen of Cups, from the lovely Shadowscapes Tarot, is joyfully at one with her water element and all that surrounds her.


My love of symbols began when I was a little girl in Sunday School, listening to Bible stories. As I noticed the different symbols within the stories and later saw them expressed in other areas of life, that love grew into a lifelong passion to understand them.

Symbols are everywhere and all around us. We find them in our arts, our religions, our subconscious, our dreams. We see them expressed in nature, in numbers, in our everyday lives and definitely in the Tarot.

Through my studies and training in philosophy, psychology,  religion and the ministry, in metaphysics, counseling and dream interpretation, in Tarot and numerology, and in the healing arts of Reiki and Hypnotherapy, I have come to realize that the language of symbols is a beautiful language of the Soul. It is that language of the Soul that the Tarot speaks so eloquently.

As a Tarot reader, I interpret that language. I read the cards with a heart-centered, spiritual connection and will often incorporate pertinent elements from my range of studies mentioned above. I am not a fortune teller or a psychic and make no claims to either. I am a Certified Tarot Reader who approaches each reading from the perspective of a counselor-teacher. My desire is to empower you by helping you learn what your Soul wants you to know. Armed with that knowledge and the power it brings, you will be better able to deal with life issues, changes, curiosities and all the nuances that go into the human experience. Together we can  explore the archetypes and  symbols that are active in your life and how they might evolve with you on your life journey.

My love of symbols has taken me to some memorable places in my life. It has all been a grand journey and from my current vantage point of years (I am now a grandmother), it is easier to see the connectedness in all of life than it was when I was much younger. It seems age and time have brought with them some very special gifts.

It is my hope that Mother Tarot will create a place for reciprocal dialogue with others who love Tarot as I do and I invite you to share your Tarot insights through the comments links with my blog posts. You can also contact me directly through email or the contact page of this website.

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“This is the most detailed reading I ever received. Thank you so much. Makes me think you worked on my reading by actually feeling what I am going through. Thank you so much for the positivity in your reading.”  (female)

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