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Card of the Day – King of Cups

King of Cups - The Fountain Tarot - Mother Tarot
The Fountain Tarot

King of Cups

I find this card to be an interesting modern take on a King. The image moves us from the middle ages concept of a king on a throne to a modern king of society.  We see a man in a business suit sitting within a circle (symbol of wholeness) that is supported by an upward pointing  triangle (symbol of stability and male energy). The triangle-circle chair sits on top of a churning sea (churning emotions). We see the waves crashing against the back of the chair but not splashing on the man. He is above the churning emotional energies around him but because his foot is immersed in the water, it shows he is not remote from or non-understanding of those swirling emotions. He is a caring person and totally connected to the emotions, but he does not let them overpower his equanimity (note the bowl balancing on the knee of his bent leg and the expression on his face). He looks to his left (the feminine side), showing again his connection to emotions and caring for others. As he looks to his left, we as the observer see his left as our right. In Tarot, right is the side of the future. Perhaps he sees things that are coming.

This man is an embodiment of “gentle power,” as the LWB describes him. He is someone who cares for others and their needs, is sympathetic, empathetic and conveys an innate warmth with dignity and kindness. He is someone we would go to in a time of trouble for protection and solace. Because he represents a strong sense of family loyalty, protection and devotion, he is the idealized concept of a loving, caring father.

Something I have never noticed about this card before today… two horizontal lines of the ocean and wave horizons run through the man. You can see these lines at his shoulder and raised knee level. Within those lines are the base of his throat chakra (speaking) and heart chakra (love). Hmm…

It will be interesting to see how the energies of this card factor into my life today.

HOW IT TURNED OUT… the King of Cups showed up at Home Depot

My husband and I were out running errands today and we made a stop at the Home Depot. (For those not living in the USA, that is a hardware store.) He had a list of things he wanted to get, many of which I knew almost nothing about. My husband has limited sight so he relies on me for extra help when we are out and about. As I was reading labels and making suggestions based on my limited knowledge, a very kind older gentleman who works at Home Depot came over and asked to help. He took so much time with my husband. He answered all his questions, explaining and showing him all the different product options they carried. He realized the sight issue right away and handled everything with patience and kindness. As I stood watching him help my husband, I realized our caring King of Cups had arrived.


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The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and Wild Kuan Yin Oracle – A Great Duo

Starchild Tarot AKASHIC + Wild Kuan Yin Oracle - Mother TarotThe Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and Wild Kuan Yin Oracle are a great team together – who knew?

As I have been working with my Starchild Tarot AKASHIC deck (artist and creator, Danielle Noel), I recently discovered that it works quite well with the Wild Kwan Yin Oracle (author Alana Fairchild). I really enjoy working with the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle. Its artwork is happy, charming and compelling. Sometimes the answers it provides are so right on it just makes me smile. I would never have thought its warmth would pair well with the seemingly austere artwork of The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC, but this unlikely duo has proved to be a productive combination. Perhaps it is the blending of opposites – how very Tarot-like.

I became aware of this deck pairing when I was recently asked to do a reading about dreams. Because I was thinking that dreams would be more in the cosmic realm, I decided to use The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC, the most “cosmic” of my decks. I will often use a Tarot and Oracle deck together for the depth of insights I get when combining them. That day, though, the oracle deck I normally use and love, Wisdom of the Oracle (author Colette Baron-Reid), did not seem right. For some reason I cannot explain, I thought pairing it with the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle might be interesting – and how glad I am that I listened to that nudge!

Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and Wild Kwan Yin Oracle pair well together - Mother Tarot

To look at both these decks together, you (or at least I) would never suspect they might talk to each other so well. But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I found they did – and remarkably well. They not only addressed the same ideas, they also reinforced each other. It was pretty amazing, I must say. When I later used the same deck combination for another reading on a different topic, I got the same deep results.

If you have both these decks and have never thought of using them together, give them a try as a duet and see how they work for you. You might be as surprised as I was to learn yet another lesson in the do-not-judge-a-Tarot-card-by-its-image department.

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