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The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and Wild Kuan Yin Oracle – A Great Duo

Starchild Tarot AKASHIC + Wild Kuan Yin Oracle - Mother TarotThe Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and Wild Kuan Yin Oracle are a great team together – who knew?

As I have been working with my Starchild Tarot AKASHIC deck (artist and creator, Danielle Noel), I recently discovered that it works quite well with the Wild Kwan Yin Oracle (author Alana Fairchild). I really enjoy working with the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle. Its artwork is happy, charming and compelling. Sometimes the answers it provides are so right on it just makes me smile. I would never have thought its warmth would pair well with the seemingly austere artwork of The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC, but this unlikely duo has proved to be a productive combination. Perhaps it is the blending of opposites – how very Tarot-like.

I became aware of this deck pairing when I was recently asked to do a reading about dreams. Because I was thinking that dreams would be more in the cosmic realm, I decided to use The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC, the most “cosmic” of my decks. I will often use a Tarot and Oracle deck together for the depth of insights I get when combining them. That day, though, the oracle deck I normally use and love, Wisdom of the Oracle (author Colette Baron-Reid), did not seem right. For some reason I cannot explain, I thought pairing it with the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle might be interesting – and how glad I am that I listened to that nudge!

Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and Wild Kwan Yin Oracle pair well together - Mother Tarot

To look at both these decks together, you (or at least I) would never suspect they might talk to each other so well. But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I found they did – and remarkably well. They not only addressed the same ideas, they also reinforced each other. It was pretty amazing, I must say. When I later used the same deck combination for another reading on a different topic, I got the same deep results.

If you have both these decks and have never thought of using them together, give them a try as a duet and see how they work for you. You might be as surprised as I was to learn yet another lesson in the do-not-judge-a-Tarot-card-by-its-image department.

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My Bossy Starchild Tarot AKASHIC Deck

The Starchild Tarot-Akashic is a Bossy DeckMy Starchild Tarot AkASHIC deck was pretty bossy at our first reading. I had not expected that. This was something new from a Tarot deck.

When I first saw the online images of The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC deck, I felt a strong pull toward them. They were different. They seemed powerful and deep. And when I was finally able to buy them, I could hardly wait for them to arrive.The Starchild Tarot Akashic deck on Mother Tarot - The Universe

But when they did and I was looking through the deck, I had the sinking feeling I would not be able to connect with them as deeply as I had thought. The symbols were more vague than what I was used to and I began to worry that I had bought a deck I would not be able to read. How could that initial pull of the cards have been wrong?!

I decided I would just do what I normally do when I get a new deck and see what happened. I held them to my heart, welcomed them into my Tarot card family, and asked them to open themselves to me. Then I laid them aside to later do the other thing I normally do with new decks – go through the cards, one by one with the accompanying book, to learn the artist’s ideas behind the symbols.

Later that day, as I was beginning a reading for someone, I was sitting at the same table where I had laid the AKASHIC deck. It came to me that I should use the AKASHIC deck as an adjunct to the other deck I was planning to use for the reading. I do not normally use a deck before doing my getting-to-know-the-cards process, so I was surprised that I had this thought, but I proceeded with both decks for the reading anyway. As I was saying my prayer at the beginning of the reading, I heard very plainly and clearly that I was to use only the AKASHIC. The new deck was moving the other deck out of the way! What a bossy little voice it had!

During the reading, the cards did not mince words or meanings. I was surprised by this, since I had not had a chance to go through the cards. Yet here it was, giving me a deep reading that totally resonated with my client. I was pretty impressed. Later, when I  did some research online to see if others had similar experiences with the deck, I found quite a few references to the deck having strong intuitive connections. That was exactly what I had experienced, too.

Mother Tarot - The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC - The MagicianSince that day, I have come to realize that these cards have a very powerful voice. She (the deck feels like a She to me) is very clear and open and sometimes painfully honest. She knows what she wants to say and does so, often taking me into unexpected depths. Is it because of the cosmic feel of the images? The colors? The evocative landscapes? The sacred Geometry on the cards? Does she speak with her creator’s personality? I have yet to discern the answer but there is definitely an energy within the cards. While I admit to having to reach for the well-written guidebook from time to time, I am noticing the times are getting farther apart.

This deck is becoming a treasure for me. I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a modern deck with incredible depth. While it is modern in its design, it gives a nod to all  the Tarot traditions… Rider-Waite-Smith, Thoth and the Tarot de Marseilles. Kudos to Ms. Danielle Noel for her excellent deck. Her Magician self has taken the known and familiar and created something entirely new and timeless. It is certainly easy to understand why  The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC deck has already become beloved in the Tarot world. It has charted a new Tarot path and its influence is sure to be felt for a long time to come.

Here is how Ms. Noel aptly describes her deck;

“The Starchild Tarot is an intuitive tool that connects with your innermost realms and Higher Self. This 79 card deck explores the ancient traditions of the Tarot through a Multidimensional journey of Consciousness and awakening. 

Inspired by the sacred dreamscapes and mythos of the cosmos, each card represents a tiny gateway of insight into the realms of the Akasha. [These cards are] imbued with magic and love and made for the Starseeds and Mystics of the world.

As above, so below.” 

All the photos used in this post are from The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC website, where you can purchase the deck directly from Ms. Noel.

(A portion of The Magician card is shown in close up above to help you see the detail.)

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