Code of Ethics

Mother Tarot - Ace of Pentacles - Tarot de Paris - Code of Ethics
Ace of Pentacles – Tarot de Paris

• Honesty, compassion, knowledge and empowerment will be the foundation of my readings.

• Your best interests will always be of the utmost importance.

• For ethical reasons, I do not offer readings on legal, financial and medical issues, recommending instead that you contact professionals in those fields.

• To honor their privacy,  I cannot read about others who have not asked me for a reading.

• All spiritual paths will be honored and respected – every reading will be with an open, accepting heart and mind.

• My goal with a reading will be to support and empower you through insights, knowledge and guidance. This will help you be better able to understand your situation in positive ways and will help you see options you might not have noticed before.

• I consider this work to be a part of my spiritual life, which I take very seriously. Your reading session will proceed with the same care and sincerity that I use in all my sacred practices.

• Every reading will be held in strict confidence, for your eyes only.

• Your reading will provide insights that will help you deal with your concerns. As you can choose to act on this information or not, any decisions or actions you take after your reading will be your full responsibility. It is hoped you will use the insights you gain for your highest good.

• I am not a psychic or a fortune teller and will not imply that I possess either of those skills.

• While I make every effort to be as accurate as I possibly can, accuracy is not guaranteed.

• Should any question need revision for you to receive a better answer from the cards or for the question to fit within my Code of Ethics, I will be happy to work with you to help you phrase a question best suited for your inquiry.

• All prices shown with the readings on offer are the full costs, clearly marked in US dollars. There are no hidden fees.

• Those asking for a reading under 18 years of age must include written permission for the reading from their parent or guardian.

• The links to Tarot decks and the handmade Tarot spread cloths found on this website do not produce income for me. The items linked have been used in the artwork on this website and including the links is my way to honor and support the artists who created them.

• In certain jurisdictions, a Tarot professional is required to disclose that Tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only. If such a law applies to your locale, please consider this your notice of disclosure.

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“Wow! Your detailed reading was amazing! I am so glad to have such an insightful reader. I am very much looking forward to the future!”  (female)

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