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Tarot reading is a personal and interactive discipline and this shows in my Tarot reading style. When doing in-person readings, I interact as a counselor-teacher with the person asking for the reading. If the reading is online, although the person is not beside me, I am still connected to them in heart, mind and Spirit while I do their reading. My written Tarot reading will offer them insights from the perspective of a counselor-teacher.

I have been thinking about what my concerns might be if I was looking for an online Tarot reader. What would I want to know that would make me feel I could trust someone I did not know personally? It came down to two things for me;  I would want to know if the person was skilled,  knowledgeable, caring and trustworthy.  And I would especially want to feel that they would understand me and be able to help me deal with the issues that prompted my reading request.

If those are your concerns, too,  here are some things you might find reassuring about me and my reading style.

• It is my belief that a good Tarot reader is one who facilitates the personal empowerment of their clients. As a caring and Certified Tarot Reader, your empowerment will always be the most important aspect of your reading.

• Tarot reading is a way to access the wise, inner part of ourselves. For me, that is Spirit. You may think of it as Spirit, too, or perhaps as your Higher Self or your Inner Wisdom. However you define that part of yourself, my role will be to help you access it when your own thinking may feel cloudy or vague. A reading with me will help you gain insights for your personal growth.

• Kindness, honesty, integrity and compassion are important to me in my life and they will always be a natural part of my readings. The aim of my reading will be to empower you through knowledge, understanding and a broader view of possible actions. Your reading will help you be able to see and act on this knowledge for your benefit. Accordingly, any decisions or actions you take after your reading will be your full responsibility. It is hoped you will use the insights gained from your reading for your highest good.

• I am not a fortune teller or a psychic and make no claims to either. This means I cannot tell you the specifics of what is going to happen in your life a week from now or tell you where you can purchase a winning lottery ticket. What I can help you see are the dominant energies affecting your life, how they might evolve, and how you can use that knowledge to create in your life what you would most like to happen. Because my approach is heart and spirit based, it reveals things you might not have noticed before or perhaps never saw from the perspective your reading suggests.

• When doing your reading, I set aside enough private time to fully immerse myself in your reading. I always begin with a prayer, asking to be shown what Spirit wants you to know. I do not rush through the reading and will give it my full attention. I consider this work a part of my connection to Spirit and my faith, both of which I take very seriously. Your reading session will proceed with the same care and sincerity that I use in all my sacred practices.

• I believe our futures are fluid, rather than fated, and subject to change at any time. A Tarot reading is based on the energies of the situation at the moment the reading takes place. Those energies can change trajectories in a split second due to a variety of reasons, including human thoughts, actions and free will. Therefore, it is important to know that Tarot reading is not an exact science. Although I will do my best to provide you with as honest and accurate a reading as possible,  accuracy is not guaranteed.

• For ethical reasons and for your benefit, I do not offer readings on legal, financial and medical issues, recommending instead that you contact professionals in those fields. Also, to protect their privacy, I cannot read about the lives of others who have not asked me for a reading. 

• Should your question need revision to receive a better answer from the cards or to make it fit within my Code of Ethics, I will work with you to help you phrase a question best suited for your inquiry.

• All spiritual paths will be honored and respected. Every reading I do is with an open heart and mind. You can be sure that whatever your race, gender, nationality or beliefs, you will always find sincere acceptance here.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so by email or through the Contact page of this website.

For a full  listing of the types of Tarot readings offered, please visit the Tarot Readings page.

“Your reading was beyond excellent. It was very detailed and easy to understand. You answered every detail of my question.
I like how you included what each card presented. The way you broke down the reading was great.”  (female)

You can visit the Reading Reviews page to read more reviews from  clients.


Mother Tarot - What to expect for your online Tarot reading - Good to know for a Tarot reading• After you order and pay for your reading, you will receive an email from Mother Tarot indicating your payment has been accepted and requesting information about your question.

• If you are unsure how to ask a question for a Tarot reading, I will be happy to work with you to help you phrase a question best suited for your inquiry.

• Once a question has been formulated and received, I will complete your reading and email you the results within the number of  business days (Mon-Fri) specified by the reading you have chosen.

• A photo* of the cards drawn will accompany a written interpretation of the full Tarot spread used for your reading. The text will be emailed to you in .pdf format. (*The Quick Look Tarot Reading is the only reading that does not include a photo of the cards.)

• If your computer does not accept .pdf format, be sure to indicate this in our communications so I will know to send your reading as a .docx file instead.

• Your Tarot reading will be held in strict confidence, for your eyes only. I keep a secure, private file of client records that are never shared with anyone. A copy of your reading will be kept available for you for one year after your reading date. During that time, you will be able to request additional copies of your reading at no cost to you.

• Follow-up communication about your reading is always available.

• It is recommended that you read and understand the information on the Privacy – Terms of Use page.

In some jurisdictions, a Tarot professional is required to disclose to you that Tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only. If such a law applies to your locale and your reading, please consider this your notice of disclosure.