2 Question Tarot Reading


Sometimes one question is just not enough. The 2 Question Tarot Reading provides an option for asking two questions at the same time for a discounted price.  This Tarot reading can be used for any questions (except those mentioned below in purple) and is ideal for when you have two unrelated questions or when you would like to know about two aspects of the same topic.

The Process
• You order and pay for the readings
• You will receive an email from Mother Tarot telling you that your payment has been accepted and requesting information about your questions.
• If you are unsure how to ask a question for a Tarot reading, I will be happy to work with you to help you phrase your questions so they are best suited for your inquiries.
• Once your questions have been formulated and received, I will complete your readings and send you the results within 7 business days (Mon – Fri).
• Photos of the cards drawn for your readings and a 4-5 page written interpretation of the two full Tarot spreads together will be emailed to you in .pdf format.
If your computer does not accept .pdf format, be sure to indicate this in our communications so I will know to send your reading as a .docx file instead.
• Follow-up communication about your reading is always available.
• It is recommended you read and understand the information on these pages;
My Tarot Reading Style
Privacy – Terms of Use

Please remember – for ethical reasons and your best interests, I do not offer readings about legal, financial and medical issues. You should contact professionals in those fields. And, to honor their privacy, I cannot read about persons who have not asked me for a reading. Please phrase your question so it is about you and not another person.

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