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Reviews-Testimonials for Tarot readings by Mother Tarot - The Hermit - The Star Tarot
The Hermit – The Star Tarot

Many thanks to my clients who have allowed me to include their reviews and testimonials on my website. To protect their privacy, names and reading specifics have been omitted and they are identified only by their gender.

“Just.. Wow…. Everything was correct. I had to read everything again and again since I couldn’t believe what I was reading.”  (female)

“I am very happy with my reading. What I liked most was that you broke down my question into two parts and your reading included action steps. I also liked how you explained numerology aspects. I felt that this added a lot of depth to the reading and made me think more in depth about my question. Thank you so much, Barbara.”  (female)

“Thank You yessss correct!! Thank You so much for the reading. You explained everything so well, and you were very correct. It was an awesome experience getting a reading from you. God bless you, and continue to do the great work that you are doing!!! You are indeed an amazing lady! Thanks so much!!”  (female)

“Very true reading. I appreciate the straightforwardness and how you explain how the cards fit to the people. It was what I needed to hear.”  (female)

“Yes I feel this has resonated with me! I do feel the advent of change and new beginnings. I am debating on whether I should start a new business in a creative field. A lot has gone on in my inner world in my last birthday year. That is bang on! The Lovers card also made me smile because I wonder if I’ll find love or if my hunch is correct about a certain someone. I am wondering if the pentacles could be related to my health. I do feel more confident after this Tarot reading that my intuition is correct on the things I am starting to pursue. I feel uplifted. I do feel more confident that things will work out for me. Thanks so much.”  (female)

“Thanks. Excellent reading!“  (male)

“This reading is brilliant in that it described the situation perfectly. I think you are a fantastic reader! I AM doing most of the work, my man IS sitting down and I know deep down that he has reservations. You are right in that we need to talk and that could end us but it has to be done as I cannot go on like this. So very thankful to you for doing many cards to give so much info. Your kindness is appreciated and I am deeply grateful to such a wonderful, kind and empathetic reader. I genuinely consider you to be a true, honest, and insightful reader. I wish you love and light.”  (female)

“Wow! Thank you, Barbara! This makes sense to me since I am seeking to change my life for the better. I appreciate your reading for me!”  (female)

“It was quite a  nice reading. The main thing I liked about it was your presentation. It feels to me that you really put in your efforts. Thanks.”     (female)

“Thank you so much for taking the time to do my reading, also for answering both questions, which I really did not expect you to do.

Time for myself, I think. I shall focus on learning to love myself and nurture my burgeoning new career, whatever it turns out to be. Focus on my writing, which I love, and just be for a while. Surround myself with love for a change.

Thanks for your kind words, Barbara. You are lovely. I shall await my knight and continue on with interests that delight and intrigue me until he makes his appearance. Hopefully these things will make a positive impact not only to myself but to others. I see changes occurring on a daily basis since I decided to take a new direction in my life and I am sure these will only increase and speed up the more I learn to know and appreciate the person that I am. Quite a big ask but it will get easier with time. Now the process of transformation begins. Positive thinking and happiness – so much to look forward to during this re-birth. Thank you again for the reading and sincerest thanks also for your good thoughts.”  (female)

“Thank you so much for your extremely insightful reading. In troubling times it can be difficult to see straight. You have helped me see the importance of remembering who I am. I am eternally grateful.”  (male)

“I was randomly going through the reading again & it made me realise the enormity of the efforts you put in it. Thank you for such a detailed, beautiful & encouraging explanation of the cards. I have no sensibility of the tarot but your comforting analysis elevated my view of life. I really am grateful for your work.”  (female)

“First off, let me say I think you are pretty spot on. [Your reading] was great and you seemed to have complete insight into my situation. Thank you very much!”   (female)

“There are several things that, to me, stand out in the reading. That I need to let my creativity be in alignment with spirit is actually quite spot on. I’ve been accepted to join some advanced writing classes, and I really need to listen to my own inner voice when writing for that class, and learn how to listen to the critique without changing who I essentially am as a writer.

Also, the part about connecting to spirit and my own inner knowledge is so true! I’ve been working on that connection for a long time, and every step I get deeper into my own inner wisdom. But, lately it’s been a little off. And this is a call to find that connection again. Especially because I know I have a light to share with the world, and I need to find the courage to share that light.

And that brings me to the last part of the reading, which is just spot on! Fear is a huge part of my life and I’m working on it every single day. When I saw the card and read your reading I just instantly knew that this is the part that’s really causing a lot of imbalances in my life.

I will most certainly remember the last five sentences in this reading and use them to get my [motivation back on track]!

I really appreciate the reading, which is very accurate but most of all very loving and kind, which in its own way has a healing effect. Thank you ever so much and good luck to you on your tarot journey!”  (female)

“Thank you for your reading and for following up. I did end up talking to [name] and letting him know how I felt. I’m still sad though since I miss him a lot.. the sadness is starting to wane though which I’m glad for! I appreciate the insight you gave around this situation.”  (female)

“Thank you for a really positive reading. It was a good overview of what the tarot cards represent and personalised to my question. Also appreciate the extra numerology in reading. The reading was in depth and insightful and I appreciate the further comments you made after my clarifying some of what was said.”  (female)

“Thank you for my reading, Barbara. You touched on areas I have never told anyone before and surprised me with your perspective on them. Thank you. Your reading is going to be very helpful as I try to work myself out of this dilemma. Thank you for your honest reading style and for your compassion. Your caring for others came through in your reading and was very appreciated.”  (female)

Reviews-Testimonials for Tarot readings by Mother Tarot - Rohrig Tarot - 2 of Pentacles
2 of Pentacles – Rohrig Tarot

“Thank You very much for the detailed reading!”  (female)    

“Wow, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful reading!  I would say that it is pretty much 100% on target. I’m really impressed that you could glean so much from the cards! Two things really strike me in your reading. First, the Hierophant. This guy was popping up very frequently in my own reading a couple of weeks ago.  I kept trying to figure out why. I like your suggestion of feelings of guilt…that resonates more with me. Secondly, what you are saying about where I “fit in my own skin” resonates…or being true to myself. I feel like in order to go on would require me to “fake it”  but I keep questioning at what cost?  For what?  For whom?  I’m not sure, except that there are children involved, which is my biggest concern.

Thank you again.  I’m pretty impressed with how you pulled things together. You read with such sincerity and compassion and the second reading is so hopeful! It has been difficult lately, and I sincerely hope I can work from a “position of strength, wisdom and honesty” as you write. Your reading is helpful and uplifting for me.

I have been studying tarot for over a year now, and I don’t think I would have been able to get all that from the cards.”  (female)

“Great reading, Barbara. You picked up on things that I haven’t come to terms with and more. I am truly pleased and astonished with my reading. Thank you.”  (female)

“Very much on point and resonates with what is actually happening right now.”  (female)

“Thank you! Your reading was remarkably spot on. I identified with everything you said, particularly about myself and not wanting to let go emotionally but knowing internally that I should. I enjoyed your explanation about 2’s and 5’s and the reversed meanings, great insight and it resonated with me. I appreciate your honest and open reading style. Thank you for the advice and guidance.”  (female)

“Thank you for this. I am going to have a go at the book, It occurred to me that this is the place I feel most comfortable so why not write my own characters. I will let you know how I get on.“  (female)

“I really relate to everything that has been said. I am a spiritual person and I do try to find my “quiet” time, which is also very hard at the moment. After my illness and losses. I am still grieving as it was all very recent, but you are right, it has all made me a stronger person. I look at my whole life in a different perspective. This reading has put my mind at rest with a lot of things that I have been questioning. It has  filled me with confidence and optimism, so thank you very much. You have been spot on and helped me an awful lot. I feel alot stronger to  be able to cope with [everything.]”  (female)

“Thank you for providing these important insights, Barbara.”  (female)

Hello, Barbara, I would like to express my gratitude to you for doing this amazing reading for me. It really resonated with me and very accurately described how I feel about my situation. The reversed Magician becomes the next logical thing for me, as you accurately described it.

Actually, I’m a Tarot reader myself and the advice you have given me feels very reassuring and calming. Deep down, I already know these things, but it is always so hard to trust them and be patient when that demon is constantly telling me that I’m not going to make it. So I’m very thankful to you for clearly setting these things apart for me and showing which voices I should listen to.

I love how you described the Hanged Man – with regards to creativity. My attitude towards this card is usually like – no please, just not the Hanged Man. But the way you put it all together really feels spot on. Also, you have given me a couple of good ideas to exploit in meditations, particularly with regards to personifying my fear so that I can interact with it more easily.

I also liked the way the reading was structured, the message was clear and the chosen spread, I think, suited my question very well. So all in all I am very satisfied, and most of all happy, that this reading helps me view my situation more objectively. Besides, it is always very interesting to see how fellow Tarot readers do it. My best wishes to you.”  (female)

“Thank you for your insightful reading. You are an excellent reader and facilitator and I learned a lot about [my situation]. I feel relieved to have a plan in mind to be ready for the job change when it comes.”  (female) 

“This was.. amazing! Thank you so much for this!! I know it must have been complicated, but I feel something right about this! I have not found the right information for any of this [before now], only clues with no order through my dreams. Thank you SO much Barbara!”  (female)

“Thank you for doing this for me. It always gives me immense pleasure whenever you do the reading for me and I am truly happy right now. Thank you. I feel quite relieved and yes, as you said, I hope to lay a strong foundation for a better future. You are a great human being and I cannot thank you enough.”  (female)

Hi, Barbara! Thank you for my reading! I think that my overall message is that the divine light and prominence of awareness that I obsess about is already with me in the here and now. I forget how good it is to be someone who can be available to brighten a day or be present for anyone in a space which brings comfort to lots of people. I think the lesson about the glowing, loving center of each of these cards is that my purpose exists where I am. Thank you!  (female)

“Thank you for delivering this reading in a timely fashion and for making it very clear and easy to understand. I appreciate that from a non-reader point of view. Your reading has certainly provided me with food for thought and I have found myself thinking about it a lot.”  (female).

“Aha! what a lovely reading. Your advice resonates with me deeply. Thank you so very much. This really backs up a lot of things I have been working on. It is reassuring to know I am going in the right direction. Thank you again. I would say this was spot on.”  (female)

“Thank you for the reading. It was very helpful in that I didn’t think I had any fears to work on but, as I look more closely, I realize there are, so I will work on them. I also tend to look over the obvious sometimes, not realizing I’m already immersed in the love of Spirit and that I need to see the spark within. The feelings of unworthiness does not resonate with me… So it may be that the feeling is unconscious. When you asked me what the glowing light that the Divine Mother was holding is… my first thought was that it was myself. I had that thought as I was reading your description of the cards and then you left the same thought at the end of the reading!

After another reading to clarify parts of the first one…

“Thank you once again, those last two cards are extremely helpful. I’ve been thinking about the reading and digging deeper, and I have started to come up with the same answers you just gave me. Your answers actually helped me to take it even further. Your messages are beautiful and spot on! I hope one day to be able to read tarot as well as you. Just starting to learn. A very heart felt thanks again.”  (female)

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