Tarot Readings


It is amazing to me that a little card game from the 1400s has not only survived the centuries, but has evolved into an amazing tool for accessing our inner guidance and personal wisdom. Tarot readings can help us gain insights into ourselves and our situations and those insights can lead to our personal growth. Tarot cards can be used for meditation, for counseling, for exploring new avenues of understanding and insight, and for enhancing our spiritual lives. It is my belief that a good Tarot reader is one who facilitates the personal empowerment of their clients and it is from this perspective that I approach my readings. Every reading is done with an open, non judgmental heart and mind. You can be sure that whatever your race, gender, nationality or beliefs, you will be welcome and respected here.Certified Biddy Tarot Reader - Mother Tarot

For more information on my approach to Tarot reading and what you can expect for your reading, check out the Good to Know page.

“Thank you so much for the reading and yes, I will keep you posted! It was great. It was like you knew the story of my life!!”  (female)

Listed below are the different types of Tarot readings offered. Give them a look to see which might best suit your needs or catch your interest.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so  directly by email or through the contact page of this website.


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